Three Summer Opportunities for Free Graduate Credit from Teachers College, Henderson

Teachers College, Henderson has received three separate grants from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to fund institutes and academies this summer in ESOL, Special Education Resource, and Online Teaching. Each of these academies culminates in the completion of an endorsement. We encourage you to apply and participate in at least one of these academies or institutes. These are completely free of charge and you can earn from 12-15 hours of graduate credit. Please see the opportunities below.

ESOL Institute

ESOL Institute flier

Program DescriptionThe purpose of the ESOL Institute is to provide teacher leaders a depth of

understanding of English to Speakers of Other Languages and strategies and resources needed to teach all

students effectively. Upon completion of the Academy and its curricular requirements, teachers will

be able to meet or surpass the Arkansas Qualifying score on the Praxis II: Teaching English to

Speakers of Other Languages, earn the ESL endorsement and teach ESOL strategies to other teachers

in their districts.


Special Education Resource Academy

Program Description

The Special Education Resource Endorsement Academy at Henderson State University prepares educators

who are currently licensed in K-6, 4-8, or 7-12 ELA, Math, or Science to teach the content area in which

they are currently licensed to students with exceptionalities in an inclusive and/or resource setting.

The Academy is grant supported by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

and is at no cost to the participants.


Special Education Resource Academy Flyer

Online Teaching Academy
Online Teacher Academy Flyer

Program Description

Online Teaching Academy is entirely online for the 21-22 academic year with synchronous and asynchronous

coursework, synchronous week-long experience during the summer, and online monthly check-in meetings.

The Academy and coursework will be delivered online to model best practices for engaging students in online learning.

By placing all interactions online, Teachers College, Henderson seeks to immerse those participating in the academy

in the online environment. Synchronous sessions will be recorded for review. The initial summer session will prepare

participants through engagement with experts in online learning and provide an introduction to competencies in the

coursework essential to the completion of the DESE online learning performance assessment. Asynchronous components

will model content delivery, inquiry, and project-based methodologies for participants that engage new modes of

technology-enhanced collaboration and learning. The asynchronous coursework will engage participants in a wide range

of methodologies to consider student-to-content interaction, student-to-student interaction, and student-to-teacher interaction.