Teachers College Spring 2020 Updates

Spring 2020 Teachers College Update Blog

This has been an unprecedented semester for Henderson State University and for Teachers College, Henderson faculty and students it has been no exception. Over the course of the Spring semester faculty and students shifted to remote instruction on March 13th due to the Covid-19 virus. Since that time, we have seen professors and students step up to the plate in regards to student learning and learning of their own. Below are just a few of the amazing accomplishments associated with Teachers College, Henderson. It is our hope that as members of our Henderson family, you will read these with great pride.


  • Dr. Christy McDowell was accepted for NCTE’s blog Teachers, Profs, Parents: Writers Who Care and her blog will be published this month.
  • Dr. Christy McDowell and Dr. Julie Quast were accepted to present a paper at a roundtable session titled “Building Critical Literacy through Digital Writing” at NCTE National Convention this coming November.
  • Ms. Ruth Eyres has a chapter published in Cases on Teaching Sexuality Education to Individuals with Autism.
  • Chapter 13-Family Perspectives: Listening and Learning From Two Moms (pages 218-236) Ruth M. Eyres.
  • Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Dardenne, and Dr. Cothren are writing a School Finance Manual for Arkansas.

Student Awards and Academics

The following students were initiated into the Delta Pi Chapter of the International Honor Society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi.

  • Sarah Franklin
  • Kaliyah Noble
  • Kylie Brown
  • Allison Caldwell
  • Mia Sheets
  • Crystal Lambert
  • Teena Tillman

Internship Awards

Ryan Halaby Award

  • Jacob Garbs
  • Mary "Jana" Muldoon
  • Alia Williams

Honorable Mention Elementary

  • Bobbye Ann Kellam
  • Mary "Jana" Muldoon
  • Kandis Price

Outstanding Elementary Intern

  • Samantha "Sami" Shepherd

Honorable Mention Middle Level

  • Alia Williams

Outstanding Middle Level Intern

  • Vanessa Traylor

Honorable Mention 7-12 Secondary

  • Charles "Shane" Raper

Outstanding 7-12 Secondary Intern

  • Kayla Earnest

Honorable Mention K-12

  • Tristan "Emren" Akdamar

Outstanding K-12 Intern

  • Howard Cheresnick

Overall Outstanding Intern

  • Teena Tillman

Faculty Honors/Awards

Dr. Rochelle Moss will be retiring at the end of the semester. She has been an indispensable part of the Counseling Program here at HSU and has been instrumental in developing and maintaining our program in the area of school counseling. She will be sorely missed. She will continue to provide clinical services in the area providing ongoing consultation to assist or program in its growth.

Dr. Pat Weaver will be retiring from Educational Leadership at the end of the semester after 55 years in education. Dr. Weaver is a trailblazer in education as evidenced by her mastery of curriculum both face-to-face and online. She was a driving force behind the creation of the online Education Leadership program. Her wisdom and leadership will be greatly missed.


Dr. Larry Hopkins was recently appointed to the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling where he will serve a 3-year term. As a member of the Board, he will assist in reviewing applicants for Licensure as a counselor in the State, drafting and ensuring compliance with Board policies and procedures, and protect the residents of Arkansas from fraudulent counseling.

Dr. Joseph Campbell served on the chapter development committee of Chi Sigma Iota International Counseling Honors Society (CSI). His duties were serving on the Awards committee review panel and co-presenting on two of the spring online regional summits on chapter collaboration.

Dr. Campbell was also on the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) ethics committee. While on the committee, he wrote an article for the June 2020 newsletter entitled Internalized Oppressions in Queer Communities.


Mr. Darin Landry, principal at Lakeside High School, was awarded AASSP Principal of the Year Award. Teachers College is proud of Mr. Landry and his accomplishment. The article can be found here.