Huie Library Coronavirus Update

Huie Library will close today, March 12, at 5 PM along with the rest of Henderson State University. We know that this causes an inconvenience for students, faculty, and staff who may need access to our resources to complete coursework.

During the closure, we will provide a Research Coach Google Form to help with off-campus research and any technical issues you may have accessing our resources off campus. Our librarians will monitor responses and get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you have materials that are due back to the library during the closure and you are unable to renew online, we will not penalize you! You may still receive late notices, but know that those will be taken care of when the library re-opens.

Interlibrary loan will have limited functions in the interim. If you have items that are due during the closure, we will work with the borrowing libraries to make sure there are no penalties.

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