Faculty and Staff Directory

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Devanta McCoy
Education Specialist Coordinator
Veterans Upward Bound
Phone Number: 870-230-5600
Email: mccoyda@hsu.edu
Office: Evans 111B
Erica McDaniel
Director of Davis Baker Preschool
Health, Education, and Social Sustainability
Phone Number: 870-230-5260
Email: mcdanie@hsu.edu
Phil McDaniel
Head Volleyball Coach
Phone Number: 870-230-5194
Email: mcdanip@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 108B
Christy McDowell
Associate Professor
Curriculum and Instruction
Phone Number: 870-230-5362
Email: mcdowec@hsu.edu
Office: Education Center 245
Ryan McFadden
Assistant Football Coach
Phone Number: 870-230-5030
Email: mcfaddenr@hsu.edu
Scott McKinnon
Digital Media Production
Phone Number: 870-230-5536
Email: mckinnjs@hsu.edu
Mary Melissa
Administrative Support
Testing Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5470
Email: boxm@hsu.edu
Basil Miller
Engineering and Physics
Phone Number: 870-230-5317
Email: millerb@hsu.edu
Office: Reynolds 236
John Miller
Instructor of Health and Human Performance
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Phone Number: 870-230-5360
Email: millerj@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 215B
Richard Miller
Assistant Professor
Phone Number: 870-230-5393
Email: millerr@hsu.edu
Office: Caplinger Airway Science 140
David Mills
Senior Software Systems Developer
Information Technology Services
Phone Number: 870-230-5784
Email: millsd@hsu.edu
Office: FO208
Eric Mitchner
Director of Campus Recreation
Campus Recreation
Phone Number: 870-230-5665
Email: mitchne@hsu.edu
Office: Recreation Center 119
Adam Moore
Aviation Technician
Phone Number: 870-230-5934
Email: moorea@hsu.edu
Office: Airport
Willica Morgan
Director of Wellness and Counseling
Student Health and Wellness
Phone Number: 870-230-5528
Email: morganw@hsu.edu
Netta Morris
Director of Testing Center
Testing Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5470
Email: morrisg@hsu.edu
Office: Caplinger Airway Science 121
Kagon Morrison
Public Safety Officer
University Police
Phone Number: 870-230-5097
Email: morriska@hsu.edu
Brittany Morrow
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Aid
Phone Number: 870-230-5576
Email: morrowb@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 203A
Mark Mosser
Associate Professor of PE, Wellness, and Leisure
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Phone Number: 870-230-5190
Email: mosserm@hsu.edu
Office: Wells 210C
Christina Murphy
Education Specialist/Counselor
Educational Talent Search
Phone Number: 870-230-5601
Email: murphyc@hsu.edu
Office: McBrien 136
Rodney Myers
Accountant I
Business Office
Phone Number: 870-230-5111
Email: myersr@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 314
Romykia Nelson
Administrative Specialist II
Educational Renewal Zone Partnership
Phone Number: 870-230-5476
Email: nelsonr@hsu.edu
Office: Jane Ross House
Dever Norman
Assistant Professor of Physics
Engineering and Physics
Phone Number: 870-230-5173
Email: normand@hsu.edu
Office: Reynolds 228
Ginger Otwell
Research Associate
Assessment and Research
Phone Number: 870-230-5458
Email: otwellg@hsu.edu
Office: Womack 211A
Leanna Payton
Director of Housing and Community Standards
Student Affairs and Student Success
Phone Number: 870-230-5076
Email: paytonl@hsu.edu
Erin Poe
Education Specialist
Disability Resource Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5578
Email: poee@hsu.edu
Office: Foster 102