Master of Business Administration


When is the deadline to apply for the MBA program at HSU?

The HSU Graduate School accepts applications for the MBA program on a rolling basis. This means that you can apply at any time prior to the start of a semester. However, because there are several steps involved in the application process, we do not advise you to wait until the last minute. The Graduate School asks that you apply no later than two weeks prior to the start of a semester. Please allow plenty of time for you to take any necessary tests, transcripts to be submitted, and your application to be processed by both the Graduate School Office and the School of Business.

How do I apply?

Please see the website for the Graduate School Office. You must complete the application to the Graduate School first.

Is the GMAT/GRE required?

Yes, unless you are exempt. The GMAT Waiver: 3.0 in last 60 hours OR 5 years work experience OR 2.7-2.99 with 3 years of work experience OR 2.5-2.69 with 5 years of work experience

I was not a business major as an undergraduate student. Can I still pursue the MBA?

Even if you did not obtain an undergraduate degree in a business field, you can still pursue an MBA. However, we do have a list of required undergraduate prerequisite courses. If you successfully completed these courses with a satisfactory grade, then you are eligible to enroll in the MBA program.

I do not have all of the required undergraduate prerequisite courses. What should I do?

That depends on a few things! You may take up to six hours of graduate level courses before having all of your undergraduate requirements met. This means that you would take the last of your undergraduate prerequisites while simultaneously beginning the work on the MBA degree. If, however, you are lacking several of the required undergraduate courses, we advise you to solely focus on those before you enroll in a graduate-level course.

Can I still work full-time while pursuing the MBA?

The HSU MBA program is designed to allow working professionals to maintain their work schedule while completing the requirements for the MBA. The required MBA courses, along with several electives, are offered in the evenings to accommodate a normal working schedule.

Do you offer an online MBA?

We offer an online format in addition to the hybrid format. In the hybrid format, approximately 70 percent of the class is online and 30 percent is face-to-face over two sessions that meet for eight hours on a Saturday.