Business Office

Student Accounts

The Student Accounts Office is located on the 3rd floor of the Womack Hall beside the Cashiers Window.

The Cashier’s Window is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Billing Inquiries

Login to your TouchNet Student Account Portal to view account activity and view or print an account statement.

  • Go MyHenderson
  • Click Student Login under Banner (Ellucian)
  • Under the Financials category, click TouchNet Student Accounts.
  • You will then be directed to your student account portal.

Authorized Users/Non-Henderson Student Login


Charges are approved annually by Henderson State University Board of Trustees. They become effective each July 1, but are subject to change at any point thereafter. In addition to mandatory fees, there are also course specific fees that are charged by course.

  • Click here to view Tuition, Fees, Housing and Meals, and other Expenses
  • Click here to view Course Specific Fees


All paper bills, notices, refunds without direct deposit setup, and tax forms without an online consent are sent to the billing address on file. It is the student's responsibility to ensure a billing address is setup and is up to date. To check your billing address or setup a new one, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Self Service Banner
  • Select the Personal Information tab
  • View Addresses and Phones (check billing address types)
  • Go back and click Update Addresses and Phones to make updates as needed.

Call 870-230-5430 or Email for billing inquiries.



Cash and check payments may be made in person at the cashier’s window. For questions regarding the Casher’s Window, please contact our Cashier at 870-230-5127.

Checks made payable to HSU may be mailed to:

Henderson State University
Business Office
Box 7531
Arkadelphia, AR 71999

*Please include student’s name and ID on the check payment.


Pay online through your student account portal with credit cards (2.95% service fee will apply to all debit/credit card payments) or bank account (web check is a free option).

Add an authorized user if you need someone else to make payments on your behalf or if you want to grant someone access to your student account.

Payment Plans

Students enroll, setup payments, and cancel payment plans themselves through their TouchNet Student Account Portal.


  • Scheduled installments are always due at the end of the month but payments can be made at any time and in any amount as long as the installment amount is paid in full before or on the installment due date.
    • Example: If your first installment is $500.00 and due on 7/31, you can pay $100 on 7/15, $200 on 7/20, and $200 on 7/31.


  • Installments can be scheduled to automatically draft from a bank account or charge a credit/debit card.
    • Payments paid by electronic check are FREE, payments paid by credit/debit card are charged a service fee by the payment processor.


  • Payment dates automatically adjust if students enroll after the first payment date.
    • Example: The plan's first installment date was 7/31, but you signed up on 8/16. The payment amounts will equally divide out amongst the remaining plan dates.
  • Payment amounts automatically adjust as charges/payments are posted to the student account.
  • If a student is receiving financial aid, they can sign up for a payment plan before or after aid posts. Once aid posts to the student account, the installment amounts will adjust automatically.


  • A $40.00 installment fee is due at the time of payment plan enrollment.
  • Late fees are automatically assessed 5 days after each missed payment.


  • Students are responsible for monitoring their payment plan and charges on their student account. Some charges may not be included and must be paid outside of the plan.
  • Students may not register for future terms based on payment plan enrollment unless they have completed at least two months of payments, account balance is below $5,000, and there is no history of late payments on current or prior plans.

Student Refund Checks and Direct Deposits

Student Refund Checks are processed weekly and ready to pick up by each Friday. Please bring your student ID when picking up your refund. Checks not picked up in a timely manner will be mailed to the address on file.

Sign up for Direct Deposit to skip the refund line and receive your refund quicker. Complete the direct deposit setup in your student account portal by selecting the refunds tab.

Rehab, Miscellaneous Billing and Veterans Benefits

For questions regarding Rehab, miscellaneous billing and Veterans benefits, Contact our Third-Party Billing Analyst at 870-230-5121.

1098T Tax Documents

1098-T tax forms are only printed and mailed once by January 31st of each year. They cannot be reprinted after the initial process, however, students that have consented to receive their form online have 24/7 access and can view/print as many times as they like!

Students have instant access once forms are released and they don't run the risk of the form being lost in the mail or going to the wrong address. To receive your form online, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your student portal
  • Select the Consents and Agreements tab
    • If it says " You currently receive a paper copy of your 1098-T", click on the "Change" button and click on "Accept Consent"
    • If it says "You have switched to paperless 1098-T", you have already consented to receive your form online.

Aviation Payments & Withdrawals

Aviation accounts are for students majoring in Aviation. Flight Schedule Pro is a separate software used to track tickets for fuel, flight time and other charges.

The minimum amount to open an Aviation account is $500.00 and credit balances must always remain above the minimum amount. Credit card deposits are accepted at the airport; cash and check deposits are accepted at the Cashiers Window.

Aviation deposit withdrawals are only allowed when withdrawing from the Aviation program. Please send a formal request to from your school email and a check request will be made through accounts payable once approved by the program director.